Investment Philosophy

Princeton's core investment philosophy and approach is the belief that portfolio diversification and focus on credit due diligence by its experienced investment management team will allow it to identify markets and strategies that exist due to changes in investor behavior and structural constraints. Princeton seeks to capture inefficiencies in markets that are under-capitalized facing structural changes characterized by high barriers to entry or in flux due to market events and flows. We believe we can extract excess returns above those normally associated with a particular risk premium by utilizing our experience which is designed to overcome these barriers or constraints and by using our specialized knowledge to hone in on mis-priced opportunities across markets.

We believe our experience across multiple asset classes allows us to develop strategies utilizing a single asset class or a diversified portfolio that will allow investors to meet their short and long term investment objectives. We believe in today's volatile environment a "single" investment solution approach does not work but rather a customized approach has become more critical to achieve investor objectives. We believe our experience and strategies have demonstrated a repeatable edge in capturing fleeting inefficiencies, while hedging unwanted market and systematic risks.

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